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June 02

The celebrations have already begun for the Windsor International Film Festival's 10th anniversary this fall.

WIFF on Wednesday is introducing an interactive scheme where the public will vote on the 10 most popular films from the festival's first nine years.

Vincent Georgie

Vincent Georgie

Over the next three weeks at its website, windsorfilmfestival.com , as well as through social media, WIFF will profile 20 audience favourites since the festival began in 2005.

From these 20, the public will be able to vote for its favourite 10 titles during the voting period, June 11-18.

The top 10 will be screened during the 10th anniversary season, Nov. 1-9, at the Capitol Theatre.

"WIFF wants the public to be engaged in helping us celebrate our anniversary," said executive director Vincent Georgie.

"This is not just an opinion poll. The public's vote is a collective endorsement of WIFF's rich cinematic history."

The titles will be announced in September.

Original article by Ted Shaw of the Windsor Star

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